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Monument Valley

Rosaries, Santa Fe, NM

Candles, Santa Fe, NM

Snow on Grand Canyon, AZ

Bird, Grand Canyon, AZ

Tree vista, Grand Canyon, AZ

Horse rides, Springdale, UT

Horse, Springdale, UT

Last fall in winter, Zion, UT

Secluded, Zion, UT

Zion winter, UT

Zion at sunset, UT

Zion sunset, UT

Stars over Zion, UT

Chicago skyline at sunset

Pike's Place Market, Seattle


Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, West Virginia

Tulips, Pike's Place Market, Seattle

Mountaineer cheerleader, Morgantown

Jackson Square street art, New Orleans

Work break, Cafe du Monde, New Orleans

French Quarter wedding procession, New Orleans

Playing accordian in the French Quarter, New Orleans

French Quarter bassist, New Orleans

Dog's play in snow, Skagway

Flower, Oak Alley Plantation, New Orleans

Jackson Square saxophonist, New Orleans

Zero, Kansas City

Flower, Oak Alley Plantation, New Orleans

Reflection, Morgantown

Zero awaits, Kansas City

Totem Poles, Ketchikan

White Pass Summit, Skagway

Dog's play, Boston Common

"Science" statue, Boston Public Library

Swan, Boston Common

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