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Marlene Herrera is an award-winning photographer based in Miami, Florida. An avid traveler,  adventurer and breast cancer survivor with a passion for diverse cultures, Herrera has amassed an impressive portfolio of images shot in over 50 countries. With people, nature and architecture figuring frequently as main subjects of her work, Herrera enjoys capturing visually striking moments in day-to-day settings, inviting viewers to decode a story or simply take pleasure in the unique nuances of people and places around the world. 


Herrera’s photographs have been showcased in several juried exhibitions in museums and galleries. Many of her images have been displayed in private businesses around South Florida and are part of private collections around the world. Herrera earned an M.S. in Marketing and a B.S. in Mass Communications with a minor in Visual Arts from Florida International University. She also holds an A.S. in Graphic Design Technology and an A.A. in Graphic/Commercial Arts from Miami Dade College. 


Artist Statement:

Combining photography with my passion for travel enables me to embrace the ultimate freedom of immersing myself in a culture and exploring its people, nature and architecture. From a ceramicist at a artisan market to a burning candle at a century-old cathedral, it has often been the most seemingly mundane moments that have sparked my curiosity through the lens. My creative evolution is driven by an endless wanderlust and desire to share my perspectives of the world.

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